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About me

"The need to create and get involved in projects is constant." 

Ricardo Henriques - rh.

With a background in art and design, music, restoration and repair of stringed instruments, and with the early contact I had with familial workshops, such as the "woodworker" cousin, the "gadget's" uncle, or the "gifted" grandfather - where inventive capabilities were actively stimulated and best defined by the saying, "necessity is the mother of invention" - and how could I omit the "Aeronautical Painter” dad for whom color was key, with everything that it relates to: paints, brushes, airbrushes and their respective techniques. All of them, have sharpened in me the love for the practice and development of "Arts", and gave me the tools to work, explore ideas and accomplish projects. 

In short, I was "Making it happen" as I went along.